Beijing Kaoya


When I got to the airport in Beijing at terminal 2, I said goodbye to everyone in the bus and left for Japan. But actually a lot of things happened in the airport. Because it was way too early when I arrived at the check in counter, I had to kill time for more than two hours there. After I finally got the tickets, I went to the security check and I realized that the security check point was only for my gate 50. I was so surprised when I went in there because there was nothing there but only toilet. At that day, I got up at 4am and it was afternoon when I went to my gate. I wanted to get out of there but it was too late because I already finished the security check. So I had to be there without having lunch and waited for another two hours there. And, when my flight was ready, they told us to take a bus to the airplane. However, it took a lot more time than I thought. I felt like I was in an airport tour or something. I don’t remember anything but I was starving. I tried my best to find the vending machines or something like KIOSK but there was nothing…absolutely nothing….Until that moment, my life in China was perfect. Please keep reading.

On the way to the airport after we left Shijiazhuang, I got a text message from Jennifer and we were talking about something. It was around five in the morning and was so dark outside. It was so hard to get up at 4 and prepare for leaving but everything worked out. On the bus, I was thinking about my life during this semester in China. It was very first time for me to visit there and everything was so new. What I really surprised was maybe toilet because squat toilet is not really common anymore in Japan. Also, there was no toilet paper in most of toilets! Sometimes, there were no doors and I had to see somebody next to me or behind me. Ah it was such a huge culture shock. Also,  I was amazed by the costs for bus and taxi. It costs only 1 RMB to take a bus and it is like 15 cents. If I took a bus for half an hour, I need to pay around 3 bucks in Japan. Everything, like food, clothes were also surprisingly reasonable. I bought a lot of things after I did bargaining and got a huge profit. I was so happy with trying many kinds of drinks, foods and meeting interesting people. Compared with people in Seoul where I studied during summer, it was hard to communicate with others but it was so touching when people tried their best to tell us how to go somewhere in English. Sometimes, they took us there by bus together even when they were not going to the direction. I was sure people there were nice. Every single trip was also great. Maybe trip to Xian was one of the best moment in my life. When I saw the real Terra Cotta warriors, I really wanted to call my history teacher who was my homeroom teacher in high school. Also, I had three chances to climb mountains in three cities. I hate walking and working out but because I like going to the high places and watching scenery, I had a lot of fun every time. I cannot explain how people were nice and kind. I sometimes felt sad about some political issues but my friends especially who had Chinese language skill, protected me and maybe saved my life. I really appreciate them. I am back in Japan and feel like everything that happened and saw in China was like a dream. I think I was not prepared with everything well and had no language skill but I always met great people and made friends who could keep in touch for long time. If I had chance to visit China next time, I will learn Chinese language seriously before leaving and protect my personal belongings more carefully because I lost a loooot of things:P Well, I guess there is nothing else I wanna say. I WILL BE BACK IN CHINA SOON☆

The Last Moments

This past week was the final week and was the busiest week ever. I had to finish up my papers and packing my tons of stuff. And also, sadly, I had to say goodbye to my friends. I honestly felt uncomfortable with a lot of things and people since September.  Yet as time goes by, I met so many friends that are really nice and surprisingly smart.  I received a great influence from them.  On Monday, we had a  good time with Lili Ma, her daughter, her friends and Mandy at HargenDatz in Wanda Mall. I was so happy to finally try the chocolate fondue. It was great and seemed like everyone enjoyed it. I talked with Mandy a lot more than before so I was so happy about that. After that, I met up with Wakana and went to IMAX movie theater. I wanted to watch a western movie but what i wanted to choose was after 9pm and it was too late for us. So, we gave up on watching the movie and chose “1942” in stead. The movie was interesting and it was just so deep. I am not going to talk about it but I think it was not what I wanted to watch. Well, but it was a good experience to watch a movie at the actual movie theater in  China. On Tuesday, I finished my final papers thanks to Erin who revised them. I was so relaxed and started packing but it was way more stressful because it is not what i am good at. On Wednesday, I was asked to go to KTV and had so much fun with Wakana, Rose, Daniella and a Korean woman( I forgot her name, sorry!). We at first went to the KTV where I went to for Wakana’s birthday but it was way more expensive than what we expected because we thought we could get discount. Wakana talked to some Chinese girls near the front door and tried to make them join us. But it didnt work out and we left for the other one near the super market. It was such a cold day and I was dying. After we got to the other KTV, it was so warm inside and we chose it because it was reasonable. I was so sad to have to say goodbye to my friends on Thursday. I had lunch with Jennifer and talked a lot. Thanks to her help on the other day, I was a kind of done with packing but I still had something left so she packed them for me. I had dinner at banana restaurant near the school with wakana, Daniella, Danielle, Erin and Russell. It was so great to have everything we already know that they are tasty. I had some presents from Rose, Jennifer and Evita. I was so surprised when Evita dropped by my room. I wrote her a letter in the morning and asked one of the girls in the front desk to give it to her. After I lost my first cellphone, there was no way to get in touch with her but I owed her a lot and wanted to say goodbye. I knew that she had been working and being busy because I heard of her family and something deep. She was like nearly crying and gave me her cute scarf. I was a kind of avoiding Chinese people because I didn’t like being judged by them but she was different. I am so happy to make those awesome friends in China. Everyone from UNK besides Dan was always making fun of me and I was mad at something they said or did even though they were nothing. I think I was so childish and always stressed out for some reason but they were really really helpful and fun to be with. What I got in China was not only the language skill and knowledge of the culture and people but also friends. Because my mom is yelling at me to go to bed, I will post the very last blog tomorrow. 

Trip to Beijing 2

So we went to Beijing this weekend and had a lot of fun. Maybe it was the best or second best trip ever. Maybe I liked Xian more. I think the best part of the trip this time was food. I enjoyed every single meal during the trip. On the way to Beijing, I was writing my final paper so I didn’t feel like it was tiring or boring. Maybe it was tiring. After we got there, we had nice lunch and went to 天安門 and the forbidden city. The weather was warmer than I thought. I didn’t expect anything about the forbidden city so I was amazed when I went in there and saw many amazing things. I wonder how people in the ancient time built that huge and tall buildings. Also the painting and everything was sophisticated and magnificent.

I was not going to buy anything at the Pearl store(factory?) but I actually bought a lot because they said we can get 30% discount. Oh boy I forgot about Chinese business. I got no discount even after I made sure about it. Anyways I bought five stuff and got one free bracelet. I am so satisfied with what I got for my mom, grandma and my aunt. After shopping and nice dinner, we went to the Olympic stadium. It was my second visit but because it was around noon last time, it looked so different this time. I want to go inside of it someday. Some people were selling toys or something to tourists and one of them was selling a fancy kite. I actually wanted it but didn’t buy one for some reason. I just took a picture.

On the second day, I had a good breakfast on the ninth floor. It was the best breakfast during my stay in China. After that, we went to the Great wall. When I saw a part of it from the high way, I finally felt like I was actually in Beijing. It was also one of my dreams to visit there so I was so excited. I didn’t it was that cold and windy but I tried to go up as much as I can. There were so many foreigners out there. The guide said it was the best part of the Great Wall because it was steepest… I felt weird when I saw people writing their name or something on the wall. It is a national heritage..Why they do that? I couldn’t say anything because I didn’t wanna get in trouble and they were obviously foreigners. If I saw it in Japan or the States, I will definitely say something to them. I got some small gifts there and took so many pictures by the time we left for lunch. I walked stairs a lot and I actually still feel pain because I don’t do any sports or exercise here.X(

It was so cold in the Summer Palace. It was my second time to visit there too but I am sure going there in summer is way better because you can take a boat. Thanks to the tour guide, I knew something I didn’t know. The lake( which is a shape of a peach) was frozen and no boats were working. It didn’t look as gorgeous as it looked like in summer. We didn’t go into the actual palace again. Maybe I should visit there once again someday. After dinner, we took a taxi and went to the street where we went to last time. It was not as exciting as last time but I quite enjoyed it besides annoying taxi drivers. We had to walk back to the street where we got off the taxi and it was so painful to walk back.

On the last day, we went to the Temple of heaven with the other tour guide. I didn’t know much about it and thought it was just a temple. But it was actually a huge park and so many old people were doing something interesting. I would like to go and join those people after my 60s or something.

It was such a great trip in Beijing. I was so happy to come to China and saw so many things that I wanted to see and something I didn’t know it existed. I have only ten days left here so I will do what I want till the very last moment. 

English Studying Meeting

I was looking for a English conversation table and having hard time to find it. But my friend Jennifer asked me to join a English group and we were going to the meeting and their party. However it was canceled and I couldn’t make it. Last Saturday, I finally went to the meeting in one of the classrooms at math building. I woke up at 7am went to the class by 8am. We were unsure about the classroom so we were looking for where the class was. Jennifer kept asking to some people on the hallway and one of said the meeting was actually from 9. We were so disappointed because we could have slept one hour more. There were some people studying near the stairs on every floor and I was quite impressed. They were studying by themselves and some girls were even reading their books aloud. Because I have never studied English that seriously from 8 in the morning on weekend, I was really amazed. After we got of the building, we had breakfast and went back to the building again. By the class started, the classroom was full of people. Mostly they were girls. There was one girl who seemed like a leader of the group and she was a kind of like leading the group. We practiced how to pronounce some English words over and over again. Also there was a short time to think and talk about one topic and it was about “Should college students enjoy dating?” Maybe three or four girls were chosen and they stood up and told their opinions. I would like to know why they are so passionate about studying English. I will try to ask the question next time.  Anyways, it was all thanks to my friend Jennifer. Thanks!


We went on a trip to Pingyao in Shanxi province on Saturday and Sunday. It was raining from Saturday morning. The weather made me sad. This time, we had a lot of people. One of them was from our school and she was with her daughter. There was one more girl with them and I thought she was also the daughter but she was not. I talked with her a little bit and she was same age with me. WOW She said she would study in California soon. The tour guide lady brought her son and he was cute.

It was so cold and I nearly cried. We took a taxi and got to the train station. I like the bullet train here but I am sure it is an imitation of Japanese Shinkansen. It was freezing cold when we got off the train. Seriously it was cold. I cried. We waited for a car and met a tour guide in the train station. He looked like somebody I know. I wanted to go to bathroom but the car took us to Pingyao and it took over two hours. My first impression of the city was OLD. It was nice and old. We took electric? car which is nice in summer and headed to our hotel. It was crazy cold. I wanted to take pictures on the car but I gave up because I couldn’t feel my fingers. Our hotel was different from what I thought. It was more like a museum or something. I was amazed when I had our first meal there because it was a lot better than Xian food.  I knew that they have good noodles and meat but they were far better than I thought. I was so satisfied with it because they were great and also I was starving at that time. The room in the hotel was pretty and unique. I didn’t really understand how to sleep on the box. There was no bed but a box. The bath room was so bad and it was still cold in the room. However I liked the exotic atmosphere. There were a lot of paintings and pots.

We all got out of the hotel and went to temples and a prison. It was cold and I didn’t feel my hands and toes. We bought a hand-warmer but it was still freezing. I was so impressed when we went to a prison. Everything there was preserved well. I saw a lot of pictures of the death penalty and they grossed me out. We went out for dinner and enjoyed the show. There were a lot of dancers and it was pretty long show for me. We walked back to the hotel after dinner. I think it was the worst part of the trip because I seriously hate cold. We hanged out in me and Erin’s room but we felt hungry again and went out for finding convenient stores. Most of the stores out there were closing but we found a coffee place near the hotel. The name of it was ice cream something but they didn’t have any icecreams. There was a wall and a lot of people put many colors of Postit on the wall. I was not carefully looking at them but some of the postits were about the island 钓鱼岛. Some Chinese patriotic people were talking about crazing stuff about Japan in Chinese and they were so disgusting. Because none of others cannot read Chinese, I was quiet but at that moment when I saw [Do not buy Japanese products], I was mad. There is nothing related to them. I do not understand why people who wrote them are so stupid. If they stopped buying Japanese stuff and keep destroying cars and Japanese company, tons of Chinese will lose their jobs and will be nothing. I silently threw those Postits out.

We had nothing to do on Sunday so we walked around for shopping. Danielle was sick and I felt so sorry about her. I bought something crazy and I was happy with them. After we got back to Shijiazhuang, I didn’t feel cold that much. Danielle was sick during the trip but this time Erin said she didn’t feel good after she dragged me to the H&M mall for dinner. I don’t want to be sick again…



We visited some museums(mostly about the terra cotta wariors) and the Bampo neolithic village. The scenery from the top of the Bell tower was really great. The highlight of the day was the dinner at a fancy hotel. We had 16(?)kinds of dumplings at the one of the big hall in there. Those dumplings were really unique and I enjoyed each of them. Especially, I loved the one which looked like a bird’s face.

After dinner, we walked around and found the Muslim street. We actually happened to get there because none of us knew where it was. There were tons of small stores and it smelled so interesting out there. It was pretty cold but when we were walking down the street, I was so excited that I forgot how cold it was. We found a store that sells  many kinds of snacks and tea bags from somewhere in the Mid East. I bought two kinds of black tea there. They looked really cool because everything was written in Arabic and Chinese. We walked more and more and got to the main street(I guess). All the trees there were shining in the light. We took a left for a busy and narrow street. Me and Maria were walking behind the others and it took some time for catching up with them. We all met up in the middle and headed back to the main street( I thought we were walking BACK at that time). Anyways, I was talking with Russell and told him that I wanna see this shop. It was the last time to see him and Danielle on the day because I got lost afterwards. I got a picture of a monkey and realized I lost them. I called Maria and she said she was with Erin. Erin told me to wait for them in the start point of the narrow street so I was there.

However they never showed up and I got so bored so I was walking around the main street and entered a kind of a tea shop. I found a tea cup which Erin got in the museum in the morning. She paid 90 RMB for it and the one I found was exactly same but was only 25 RMB. I was so excited and grabbed it and dropped it at the same time. There was an employee and he looked so young but was calm and mature. The cup had a lid and it broke but it was still a cup. I bought one more cup because I didn’t like the pattern of it and also I felt so bad and wanted to buy more. I also got a kit to dig and find a tiny model of a warrior. It’ll be a Christmas present for my little brother. I was so tired of walking and called Maria again and realized I was in the completely opposite side. I walked into the busy and crowded street once again and tried to find the edge. However, it was just dark and I didn’t see that many people because most of the stores were closing. I was so scared of walking there. I got a phone call again and we decided to meet up at a small gift shop where I got a postcard. I was super tired when I finally saw Maria and Erin. We gave up to walk back to the hotel and took a taxi. I was dying when I got back to the hotel, seriously.


It was one of my dreams to visit Xian for seeing Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses. And I finally made my dream come true. I always looked at the picture of it during the history class in high school when I got bored. It’s an enormous collection of sculptures depicting the armies of the FIRST CHINESE EMPEROR. It is so crazy because they still exists perfectly(I think they do).

We left school for airport after class and took an air plain to Xi’an International airport. It was nice looking and looked a kind of new. We all met our tour guide there and headed to a restaurant for our first meal there. We were with our Chinese language teacher Mrs.Zhao and her daughter. She was so energetic and kept talking and running around the restaurant. I want to be younger so bad. After dinner we went to our hotel and walked around the hotel a little bit because we wanted to get shampoo and some stuff.The hotel that we stayed was nice besides the hard bed. Because our bathroom in dorm had been broken for more than two weeks, I felt so happy with taking a shower easily in my own room.

I’m sleepy

To be continued….